Now that spring has finally and truly arrived in the Ottawa area, patios are coming to life and there is the promise of summer warmth in the air, Primecorp Property Management is diligently working on behalf of all our landlords to transition our properties to get ready for the warmer months. Each of the properties that we professionally manage will be well taken care of with the living environment of tenants top of mind. Many property owners find a great deal of comfort and relief knowing that we will take care of all the details so that their properties are well maintained, with a pleasing appearance and that all functional elements are in good working order.
Initial Spring Clean Up
When the snow and ice finally melts, many bits of refuse, debris, dead leaves etc. are revealed which immediately need attention. To this end, Primecorp Property Management has a long-standing contract with Blooming Gardens, an experienced property maintenance company which manages snow removal for our properties during the winter months and general grounds keeping in the summer months. This contractor has been highly reliable for all our clean-up efforts and they ensure that all lawns and flower beds are diligently tended to throughout the summer.
Seasonal Beautification Efforts

After the initial massive spring clean-up, we carefully inspect and review each of our properties to ensure that they are displayed in their best light, through our seasonal beautification efforts. This might involve designing and planting new flower beds, ensuring that the grass is frequently cut and well kept, pruning dead tree branches, adding fresh mulch to our flower beds and repairing any damaged or broken common elements.
Actively Assisting Tenants to Fulfill Their Responsibilities
We also work with our valued tenants to ensure their responsibilities are brought to awareness, such as issuing reminders to clean up pet waste and providing practical tips for spring cleaning apartments. All our tenants benefit when their rental units are kept clean and fully functional.
Proactive Property Repairs and Maintenance

In addition to our annual spring clean-up and beautification programs, Primecorp Property Management also routinely conducts a series of proactive repairs and maintenance items throughout the entire year, to assist tenants in the enjoyment of their homes and to ensure our landlord’s investments are protected and hold their value as well-maintained and attractive places to rent. For example, we recently added new screens in many of the properties we manage to allow tenants the enjoyment of fresh airflow without the annoyance of insect invasions. When our rental units are vacated, we do a thorough inspection to ensure everything is in good working order for the next tenants and we take the time between tenants to facilitate any needed repairs, upgrades or renovations.
Throughout the spring thaw, we ensure that all drainage systems are running clean and efficiently. Our roofs our inspected for leaks and shingle problems, and we check to see that all decks, siding and balconies are in good stead. We also inspect our foundations for cracks and leaks which may have developed over the colder months as concrete contracts. We make sure that all HVAC systems are running well and can effectively operate in the new seasons. We also inspect all caulked surfaces to ensure that moisture is not building up and causing mould in any areas. Fire alarms, sprinklers and smoke detectors are routinely tested at this time of year to ensure they are all in good working order. Bushes and trees are pruned, with dead or decaying debris removed. Pathways, driveways and parking surfaces are swept clear of sand, silt and refuse that have built up over the winter and through the spring thaw. Primecorp Property Management is also quick to respond to items raised by our tenants that need repair and that we may have missed in our inspections.
Get Primecorp Property Management in Your Corner
If you are a landlord, or property owner and would like to be freed of the responsibilities of maintaining your property during the busy times the come with the change of seasons, simply contact Primecorp Property Management and we’d be happy to discuss our services. In today’s competitive Ottawa apartment rental market, well-maintained properties with responsive and professional staff stand a much better chance of attracting quality tenants and making them feel welcome to stay for longer periods.