In unprecedented times like these, with so many individuals, businesses and government agencies in shutdown mode, many of us have a new sense, and possibly even greater appreciation of home. As we’re told by various officials to “shelter in place,” the importance of having decent shelter, that is well maintained and kept running smoothly, cannot be understated. Tenants rely on a variety of property management services to make sure they have a decent place to live. Landlords, must ensure that essential property maintenance and management services are ongoing, despite the growing Covid-19 pandemic that is now seriously impacting Ottawa. At Primecorp Property Management, we understand the need to keep everything up and running, especially in these very challenging times.
Our personalized approach to the professional property management services we provide, across the National Capital Region, makes us stand out from the pack of other operators in the area, even in normal operating times. We continuously strive to safeguard the real property assets of our landlords and owners, by ensuring that all of our units are in good working order and by resolving any issues our occupants are experiencing as quickly as possible.
Here are just some of the service elements that make Primecorp stand out as a leading property management company in Ottawa:
24-Hour Personalized Property Management Services
Primecorp offers 24-hour, personalized contact for all service requests. In the event that tenants have to leave a message, they can rest assured that one of our property managers will follow up shortly and start working on addressing their issues. In emergency situations, we sometimes need to prioritize the service requests we are dealing with, but every call matters, and we appreciate the patience of our valued tenants, especially under difficult times like we are currently facing in Ottawa. Our experienced property managers have the authority to address issues in real time, and tenants will not have to go through a third party call centre to resolve their issues. Our proven track record, coordinating resources to address situations as they arise, has led to the high levels of tenant satisfaction upon which our reputation as a successful property management firm in the Ottawa area is based.

Reasonable Fee Structure to Manage Your Ottawa Area Property
At Primecorp Property Management, we do our best to charge property owners only what is reasonable for the services we provide. Our fee structure is different than many other property management companies, in that we only typically charge a limited flat fee for our ongoing services, including filling units with new tenants when they become vacant. Some property management companies, for example, will charge half a month’s rent as finder’s fee for filling a vacant unit. Primecorp only charges a small flat fee as we limit our costs with low overhead and a strong digital marketing presence. We simplify things further by having our owners pay all maintenance, without significant markup on our end. Keeping our fees low and reasonable, allows us to establish long-term relationships with our property owners and this stability is passed on to our tenants by way of reliable, ongoing upkeep and maintenance, with clearly understood expectations for all parties involved.
Property Maintenance is Systemized and Ongoing with Primecorp
We have an open-door policy to address any maintenance needs or other issues tenants may experience with their rental units. We also conduct bi-annual walk-through inspections of all units under our management. This helps us detect and proactively engage tenants regarding any areas of concern with an aim to deal with smaller issues before they become bigger problems. To facilitate and streamline property maintenance and upkeep, our landlords and owners only have to deal with Primecorp’s managers and agents, rather than dealing with contractors or tenants directly. This arrangement helps to keep interactions professional, efficient and relatively stress-free.
Owner Representation at Landlord Tenant Board Hearings
Renting can be a tricky business that is not without some level of risk that needs to be managed. The vast majority of tenants follow the rules, take care of their units and are considerate of their neighbours. However, some renters neglect their units and cause unnecessary disturbances for their immediate neighbours. At Primecorp, we try to resolve such issues through constructive dialogue and the enforcement of rules that renters have signed on and agreed to, but sometimes these measures cannot adequately resolve all situations. Primecorp Property Management is therefore fully prepared to represent our property owners at Landlord Tenant Board hearings, if necessary. We have significant experience in this area and do not charge our landlords extra legal fees for this service, like some property management companies do. We fully recognize that resolving these disputes is in the mutual interests of our owners and other tenants.
Personalized, Hands-On Approach is Key to Successful Property Management
Primecorp’s personalized, hands-on approach is key to achieving stability and ongoing harmony in the rental units we professionally manage. Our policies and procedures, effectively proven over time, are delivered in a clear and professional fashion that encourages renters to settle in and make their homes with us over the long-term. We apply this same approach with our property owners, so they know exactly what to expect from us as well, in terms of service delivery with relatively low costs. This recipe for success results in well maintained properties that are profitable for landlords to rent out, while being attractive for our tenants to live in and make their home.
Interested in Professional Property Management Services for your Rental Property?
If you are a rental property owner, or considering entering the market to become one, Primecorp would be happy to work with you to fulfill your property management requirements. Simply contact us and let us know the details or your rental property… we’re always happy to engage with new, prospective clients.